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Meet The Founder

Let's get to know each other. Serrano Socials was built to do social media with a modern approach. We work to is to elevate your presence and reach by staying on top of trends, growing and nurturing your audience, planning your next big launch, and building your long-term strategy.

As a successful business owner, you and I both know you don't have to capacity to capitalize on the opportunities that social media can bring to your business. We take on your business goals as our own by establishing and optimizing a strategy that will bring a high return on your investment.

Our Values + Mission

Who doesn't love good behind-the-scenes content? Grab your drink and let's get to it. After working in the public health and social services for 5 years, I always knew there was something more. Something that gave me the freedom I craved and allowed me to work with the dopest business owners in the game. 

Cue the pandemic, and an influx of businesses relied on their social presence to keep them afloat. Whether it was a small business adapting to changes or a modern entrepreneur ditching the 9-5 and ready to boom their business online and attract dreamy clientele.

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Our Values

Serrano Socials will always be a place where everyone will always be welcome, regardless of our differences. We are committed to continuous learning and staying informed to support our LGBTQIA+, Womxn, and BIPOC friends.

Five Fun Facts About Me

Carla's background started in Public Health & Social Work.

Tequila & Wine only... and the occasional beer. 

Serrano Social's started in the middle of quarantine (throwback)

Carla's background started in Public Health & Social Work.

Carla's background started in Public Health & Social Work.






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